Mount Climbing Tanzania

Mount Climbing Tanzania


Tanzania offers the most fascinating, technical and most challenging mount climbing experience in Africa. With mount Kilimanjaro standing as the most popular, and the highest mount in Africa. Mount meru is also known as less technical, it allows close wildlife interactions with amazing trekking in volcanic trails.

Thing to pack while going for mountain hiking

Equipment listed below is meant to help you to organise your personal kit.  Note that the gear is most important like other equipment,  without the inclusion of any technical climbing gear. Most items are required, while a few are optional. 

1)    Duffel Bags: Two duffel bags with name tags.  One of the bag  which will be carried by porter preferable should be water proof and should not be two wheeled bag. The other buffel bag with the tag will be left in the hotel  store.
2)    Shell Jacket: Waterproof/breathable jacket.
3)    Warm Pants – carry warm pant and comfortable to walk with, also were long sleeves  shirt.
4)    Pack Cover: Waterproof rain cover for your pack
5)    Sleeping Bag and sleeping pad.
6)    Trekking Poles: Poles come in handy for balance and easing impact to your knees
7)    Travel Wallet – to secure all your important documents must carry.
8)    Passport
9)    Skin Care: sunscreen  cream and lip balm.
10)    Camera: With spare batteries, and  memory cards.
11)    sunglasses.
12)    Hiking Boots: Lightweight boots, waterproofed and broken-in.