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09 Days – Lemosho route and Ngorongoro budget tour

09 Days – Lemosho route and Ngorongoro budget tour

Mount Climbing and Safari

Your will climbing the Kilimanjaro in unexploited and most beautiful route. Ending the trekking in a unique way of game seeing of wildlife and all big five in Ngoro ngoro conservancy.

Day 01: Londorossi Gate (2100m) – Mti Mkubwa camp (2 821m)

Your day starts early with a briefing, Your day starts early with a briefing, followed by breakfast and a 2-hour drive from Moshi (910m) to the Londorossi Park Gate (2100m). Following registration we continue by vehicle, a further 14km upto Lemosho starting point (2244m).
Trek from the Lemosho start point to the Forest camp (2821m) where you spend your first night in the mountain. You are advised to stop regularly today and to move quietly in the hope of sighting wildlife near the trail.

Day 02: Forest camp (2821m) – Shira 2 Camp (3875m)

You rise early at Forest camp and, after breakfast, you trek a hour or so to the end of the forest and then the trail gradually steepens and enters the giant heather moorland zone. After 8.5 km we reach Shira 1 camp (3504m where you will have your lunch. After lunch you will trek for another 7.5km before reaching Shira 2 camp (3875m). where you will spend our overnight at the camp. The night at this exposed camp will even be colder than the previous night, with temperatures dropping to well below freezing.

Day 03 : Shira 2 Camp (3875m) – Lava Tower (4642m) – Barranco camp (3984m)

Trek from Shira 2 Camp east towards Lava Tower (4642m). As the hike progress the surrounding area turns into a semi desert and rocky landscape. Shortly before reaching Lava Tower the Lemosho route links up with the Machame route.  You will have your lunch here. After lunch you descent again to the Barranco camping area and after reaching the high altitude of 4600m at Lava Tower.

Day 04: Barranco camp (3984m) – Barafu camp (4681m)

After spending a night at the great Barranco you will now see how beautiful Kilimanjaro is. From here you will trek through the plan upto Barafu Hut..
The summit is now a further 1214m higher and you will commence with your final ascent attempt, the same night. Prepare your equipment, hiking poles and thermal clothing for your summit attempt.

Day 05: Barafu camp (4681m)-Uhuru Peak (5895m)-Mweka (3090m)

You will get up around 23h30, and after some tea and biscuits you shuffle off into the night. You will head in a north-westerly direction and ascend through heavy scree towards Stella Point on the crater rim. For many climbers the 6-hour walk to Stella point is mentally and physically the most challenging on the route. At Stella Point (5739m) you will stop for a short rest and will be rewarded with the most magnificent sunrise you are ever likely to see
From Stella Point you will normally encounter snow all the way on your 2-hour ascent to Uhuru Peak. The time you will spend on the summit will depend on the weather conditions. Enjoy your accomplishment and a day to remember for the rest of your life!
The walk back to Barafu from the summit, takes about 3 hours. Here you will have a well earned but short rest and collect the rest of your gear, before heading down to Mweka hut (3090m).

Day 06: Mweka camp (3090m) – Mweka Gate (1641m)

Have hot and heavy breakfast, trek for 4-6 hrs to the Park gate. At Mweka gate you sign your name and details in a register. This is also where successful climbers receive their summit certificates. Those climbers who reached Stella Point (5739m) are issued with green certificates and those who reached Uhuru Peak (5895m) receive gold certificates. From the Mweka Gate you will continue down into the Mweka village, where you will stop for lunch. After lunch drive to moshi for your overnight.

Day 07: Moshi to Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Have your breakfast at the hotel, and leave for ngoro ngoro conservancy with packed lunch. Pass through lake manyara national park for a good game drive. Have your lunch there before continuing with your game drive. Late proceeding to ngoro ngoro conservancy.  Dinner and overnight at the rhino lodge.

Day 08: Full day exploration of Ngorongoro Crater

Today you will descend 2000 feet (0ver 600 meters) to the floor of the crater for a half day crater tour. Explore the forest areas that are inhabited by monkeys and elephant, the lake area, where you may see the flamingos and the open savannah where the lions hunt for food. Lunch at the lodge and then drive to Lake Manyara for dinner and overnight at the lodge.

Day 09: Ngorongoro Crater to Lake Manyara and end Arusha.

Enjoy a morning game drive in Lake Manyara National Park whose inhabitants include hippos, monkeys, tree climbing lions, flamingos and other variety of birdlife. Mid morning, drive back to Arusha. Lunch in Arusha town at 1230hrs.